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How to conduct a successful business experiment

To design and conduct a successful experiment requires a well structured procedure, i.e. the scientific approach. In this article we’ll show you how you can gain insights with six easy steps from experiments. Furthermore, we will highlight why its important to conduct experiments and how to manage them efficiently.

Experiments drive startup success

I was no different than so many other entrepreneurs. When I started my first startup, I did it with a big problem and lot of passion to solve it: to allow marketing teams to have more impact with their content marketing efforts. We were successful and could attract the biggest banks and insurance companies for our product.

On our journey we relied on a lot of experiments that we conducted in order to determine successful product features such hyperpersonalization, high performing ads or profitable customer segments. Yet, it felt for all of as we were too slow.

After successfully launched another startup I found out, that we were indeed too slow. And the reason for this is very simple: we didn’t follow sound (scientific) approach. Using the procedure outlined below I managed to accelerate our development substantially and I am sure, it will also benefit you greatly.

Recommended Procedure

  1. The starting point is always the creation of a testable hypothesis.
    This hypothesis should be a pass or fail statement that relates to measured goals of the hypothesis.
  2. Design of the experiment.
    Once the hypothesis is defined, the details of the test have to be designed as well. In that relation is important to determining test samples first and also selecting a control group, experimental treatments and other factors.
  3. Setup of the experiment.
    While a proper experiment design is an important precondition to gain reliable data, a robust (technical) implementation is essential. You need to develop a suitable instrument: may it be a new website, a new product feature or simply a slide deck
  4. Launch of the experiment.
    Most of the time it only requires to push of a button and the new, or alternative, landing page is launched. Yet, in certain occasions Google Ads have to be created or customers have to be won to successfully launch the experiment.
  5. Track and Monitor.
    When a company, department or individual starts experimenting they end up conducting multiple tests at the same time. In such an environment its utmost important to track the progress of all individual experiments and monitor their development in order to identify possible problems early on.
  6. Analysis and results.
    Eventually, after the required time has passed or website visitors , the results will be available for analysis. If quantitative data has been collected statistical tests will provide into accept or rejecting the hypothesis.

Communicate and Store Insights

Once you’ve created you insights, there must be communicated efficiently through out your teams, departments and whole organziation.

I strongly encourage you to use our free Detonative experiments platform to do so. Beside the communication aspect it will also allow you to manage, track and monitor your experiments and therefore propel you efforts dramatically.

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